Our Services

Cheating Spouse Investigations

Third Party Investigations
If you suspect your wife or husband is seeing someone else.  We can not only help to find that person but also carry out background checks to examine their past and present employment, income level, house value or rent, interests, pastimes and contact details for you.

Personal Background
offers an extensive menu of background investigative services,

Find Missing Persons
We can do tracing for you of missing persons in Taiwan , or on an international basis to find relatives, family, friends or debtors, or employees in confidential corporate fraud investigations.

Risk management
Background investigations
Pre-Employment Screening
Corporate Due Diligence and Business Intelligence
Litigation Checks
Piracy & Patent aggrieve
Corporate Security (Information and Analysis
Executive Protection Service


Debt collection
We offer more effectively debt collection services to help people like these.  Through an effective management of collection project, we can get your money back, with the lowest cost you might be confused all the time.


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5F, 124, Sec. 2, Nang-King East Rd., 10489, Taipei, Taiwan